Energy Assistance

Representatives from UMOs will be HERE at The Sharing Center  on Every 3rd Monday, starting in October from 11am to 12pm, taking on-site applications for the 2017 heating season


  1. Photo ID
  2. Social Security Numbers and Birth Dates for everyone living in the household on the day of application.
  3. Current Heat and Electric Bill. Lease or letter from landlord only if your heat and/or electric are included in your rent
  4. Name and phone number of landlord, if you rent
  5. Verification of all gross income (before taxes and deductions) for everyone in the household for the previous three months.
  • Bank statements are NOT accepted as verification of income.
  • Pay stubs/printout for wages, workers compensation, unemployment compensation, child support paid and received and W-2
  • Current award letters for Social Security benefits and VA benefits · 1099 for pensions and dividends
  1. Most recent income taxes with all schedules, W2’s and 1099’s
  2. Know if your water heater is gas or electric

 Additional information may be required for other circumstances (ie: self-employed, paid cash, non-working adult)



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